Where am I going today?

Where am I going today?

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Schools out, now what?

Posted: May 4th, 2010 by


Niagara Falls, photo by Day Trips Canada - www.day-trips.ca/

It’s always a challenge to figure out something to do for summer vacation that will please the entire family. In my case that would be me and my nine year old son.  As a mom I want to instill an appreciation for the finer things in life- art and architecture, good food and a sense of history, not to mention awesome natural scenery. As a kid he has his own ideas of the finer things in life…Water parks and video arcades, corn dogs and lemonade. Natural scenery is good too as long as he is not required to hike, bike or otherwise engage said scenery. What can I say, despite my best efforts he is natural born couch potato techno-geek. I am thinking Niagara Falls. 

Skylon Tower, Flickr Photo by shidairyproduct

As I begin my research I think this looks promising. The official website, www.niagarafallstourism.com, touts “water parks inside hotels, Ferris wheels and kid-friendly restaurants” Well, that sounds good, and we have the non-engagable awesome scenery covered. But what about the art and architecture and history?  Skyscrapers don’t count although I am sure he will love the 775 ft. high Skylon Tower with the revolving restaurant; and it even has a game arcade!  I think this may require a little more research.

 I let my fingers do the walking and end up on www.wrightnowinbuffalo.com. This is more like it. Buffalo Niagara- a Great American Road Trip “Does great American architecture fascinate you? Are you a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan and H.H. ? Does the American Arts & Crafts Movement and the work of the Roycrofters have a place in your home and heart? Do you enjoy botanical gardens and the parks of Frederick Law Olmsted? Does African American heritage and the Underground Railroad arouse your curiosity? Are you interested in American originals like artist Charles Burchfield? …Do you savor road food and hard-to-find regional dishes? “Wow, seems like I hit pay-dirt. The website offers a tour for every special interest, from cultural and history itineraries to family getaways and nature lovers. Looks like I am off and running and no matter what we decide to do, I know I will be able to find comfortable affordable lodging in the area…

Frank Lloyd Wright Greycliff, Buffalo,NY, Flickr photo by bobistraveling