Where am I going today?

Where am I going today?

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Ten Musical Reasons to Like Halloween Plus Some Travel Trivia

Posted: October 24th, 2013 by

mask No. 10 Head to the sunshine state, more so to Miami, Florida to soak up the sun by day and then by night dress up like your favorite zombie and head over to the Massive Ideas Masquerade. For family fun, the Miami Zoo can’t be beat for its free range where animals are grouped together based on their geographic territory and exhibits are entirely cageless. Afterwards try a Cuban sandwich at La Carreta, the original Cuban kitchen.

No. 9 The Big Apple offers up Krewella, Candyland and Seven Lions “Get Wet” live tour concert, for a different type of trick and treat affair on the bewitching night. While in New York City, check out the sights like Grand Central Terminal, grab a bite to eat at The Oyster Bar, then turn in to catch some ZZZZ’s and a good night sleep.
GSS and OB

Denver's Award Winning, Rise & Shine Biscuit Cafe offers up breakfast for under $2

Denver’s Award Winning, Rise & Shine Biscuit Cafe offers up breakfast for under $2

No. 8 Go west young man, so Horace Greeley said. Bet he didn’t have the powerhouse act GRiZmatik on his mind. Attendees at this event are in for a major surprise at one of the “best hotspots for electronic music in the country” taking place at the 1st Bank Center in Denver, the mile-high city at the foot of the Colorado Rockies.

Austin City Skyline

Austin City Skyline

No. 7 Some call Austin, Texas the music capital of the world, so it’s no wonder that STS9 offers star power, “rare bustouts, crazy covers and one heck of a show on all Hallows Eve. Just in case you’re not into the music scene, pack up the family and head to Trailer Food Tuesdays at the Long Center.

USS Texas, first USN battleship to become a museum and named a National Historic Landmark

USS Texas, first USN battleship to become a museum and named a National Historic Landmark

No. 6 Houston’s Something Wicked is touted as “one of the biggest events around” and with two dozen ‘starpower’ acts to entertain you, well whether you are a Texan or not there is bound to be something that makes you want to jump and shout. Houston is also a mecca with many attractions like the USS Texas, restaurants and affordable lodging places.

Las-Vegas-USA No. 5 Okay, “What Happens in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas,” so while you are there you don’t want to miss the Life is Beautiful Festival, with tons of variety.


Perhaps you might tour the tom of Marie Laveau, known as the Queen of VooDoo

Perhaps you might tour the tomb of Marie Laveau, known as the Queen of VooDoo

No. 4 This is the Halloween season after all, so Voodoo Music Experience, in New Orleans is an absolute must attend event. How can you resist a city filled with night life, great food, cool jazz and VooDoo? Click here for all the details.

No. 3 mcdFor those of you who are beach bunny’s by day, and thrill seekers by night; you won’t want to miss Escape from Wonderland and visit California’s southern city of San Bernardino, home of the original McDonald’s site and museum. Music lovers and history buffs are in for a treat.

No. 2 304px-Space_Needle_2011-07-04Freak Night is billed as the creepiest night of the year in Seattle, Washington, so why not join in on all the ghoulish fun. If you’re not into all the Halloween howling, maybe a ride up to the top of the Space Needle is more to your liking.

No. 1 There’s a good chance many of our blog readers may not have heard of Live Oak, Florida, but will bet you’ve heard of the Suwannee River. How about a Suwanee Hulaween taking place at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park and Campground, a ‘magical place that must be experienced to be believed.” Don’t take my word for it, take theirs!

"Way Down Upon the Suwanee River"

“Way Down Upon the Suwanee River”

Credit for information garnered here must be given to Anand Harsh For details about all these events, click here

Majority of images are from Wikimedia Commons

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