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Top FAQs about the INNcentive Instant Rewards Program

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1. How do I get the 15% discount at hihotels brands?

As an INNcentive program member, make a reservation at Choose the INNcentive Rewards Rate when booking. INNcentive members without advance reservations may also ask for the discount upon checking into the hotel, but it’s recommended that you book your room in advance. The discount is based on availability. You will be asked to present proof of membership at the time of check-in.


2. How do I get early check-in and late checkout at the hotel?

Early check-in and late checkout are based upon business levels and availability. It is recommended that you contact the hotel via telephone to confirm if an early check-in is available for your arrival. Late checkout should be requested with the front desk attendant. You may request up to a maximum of 2 hours early check-in/ late checkout, based upon the hotel’s standard policies, which vary by hotel.


3. Do I have to bring my INNcentive card to the hotel and show it upon check-in? If so, what if I forget the card?

Yes, if you are an existing member, please continue to use your physical card at check-in. If you can’t find it, you can visit and log in to the INNcentive Rewards Dashboard, where you may print the card ahead of time or show the desk clerk the digital card at check-in.

Members who have joined after May 3, 2022 will no longer receive a physical card and may access their digital card through the INNcentive Rewards Dashboard. You may show the card on your phone or you may print and bring the card with you.


4. Why do I need to provide my email address?

We use your email address to send you information about special hotel deals, promotions and other members-only discounts. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each email.

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5. What kinds of discounts are available?

You’ll find savings of up to 50% off/buy-one-get-one-free discounts. Overall, the average discount is 32% off for all our merchant partners. That’s on everyday purchases like pizza, fast food, casual restaurants, clothing, auto repair, golf courses, ski resorts, theme parks, etc. With discounts at over 750,000 locations worldwide, you'll be sure to find savings wherever you are – or plan to be!


6. How do I search for discounts?

You may access discounts via the “My Deals” app on your phone available through the app store or use the link in the INNcentive Rewards Dashboard at


7. How do I redeem the discounts?

To redeem a discount, simply select "redeem" on your desktop or mobile device. For Show-Your-Phone-and-Save® coupons, show the coupon on your phone to the server or cashier. The same goes for “print-from-home” coupons. Just present the coupon at the point of sale and the merchant will apply your discount.


8. How do your discounts differ from all the coupons I see online, or the ones I get in my mailbox?

Because our network is private, retailers can give us deeper discounts than what you’ll see elsewhere. That’s because users must log in to see our discounts. That way, merchants can hide the deeper discounts they give us from customers who are otherwise willing to pay full price. These merchants are willing to offer an out-of-the-ordinary discount as a way of attracting preferred customers like you. If their discount can convince you to drop by, it’s likely you will come back again if you like it.


9. How much can I really save?

The more you use the program, the more you can save. In our “Eat” category, users save an average of $5.50 per person. But in our “Shop” category, users save an average of $335 on auto services and $57 on things like retail shopping, home and garden and other services. In our “Play” category, users save in the range of $5.50 on movies, to $25 on recreation/entertainment, and $28 on golf and snow sports. In our travel category, we see users saving an average of $25 on car rentals and $53 on airfare. Offers change regularly, so check back often to find the best deals.


10. What if a merchant won't honor my discount offer?

Every once in a while, a merchant’s ownership will change hands, or the staff behind the counter hasn’t been trained to recognize our discount offer. In all, less than 1% of our redemptions have any issues. We’re committed to making sure merchants honor their contracted discount offer. Our customer service team is available by voice, email or chat to help resolve the issues. Call the number on your mobile app or printed coupon if you need assistance.


11. What if I need assistance finding the best deals?

Our friendly customer service team is ready to assist you. You’ve got three options to contact us: 1. Call us toll free at 1-888-657-1786; 2. Chat with us online; or 3. Send us an email at and we’ll get back with you ASAP.


12. What are your operating hours?

Our friendly representatives are available Monday-Thursday, 6am-9pm, and Friday 6am-7pm Mountain Time. We can also be reached via email at


13. Where can I find the specific rules (terms and conditions) for any discount offer I want to redeem?

Under the discount description, each offer has a link showing any “offer terms” that may be listed.